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No one likes dealing with plumbing emergencies

But when emergencies arise, you need a company dedicated to honest pricing and quality repairs, who can provide you with transparent solutions without upselling or price gouging.

When Danny Miller, owner and master plumber, began his family-owned business in 1986, he did so with the knowledge that customers appreciate tradespeople who can “tell it like it is” and charge them fairly. Today’s home and property owners still appreciate transparency and honesty. 

Danny also knows most people do not think about the plumbing in their home or property until it is not working. When problems come up, there is often a panicked search for an emergency plumber followed by even more panic about the final cost. 

We’re helping homeowners and commercial property owners save hundreds of dollars a year by shifting to a regular maintenance mindset. Our experience proves that prevention rather than repair is the best way to help our customers have peace of mind. 

Over the last thirty years, Danny Miller Plumbing has grown into a multi-generational family business serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast reliably and with integrity. 

If you’re ready to work with a company that provides exceptional service that feels like family, reach out today to work with one of our licensed and experienced plumbers. 



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