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Septic Tank Service


Vacuum Service Philosophy

We believe in protecting the health of our community. That’s why we only use legitimate waste treatment facilities to dispose of septic and grease waste. It costs a little more to do things right, but that is how we do business.



Septic Tank Rates & Fees

Service call - based on county

  • Harrison County - $250

  • Hancock, Stone, and Jackson Counties - $300

  • All Others - $350

Septic disposal fee - Based on tank size

  • $100 Estimated Fee

  • $100 based on $0.10 per gal with a 1,000 gal tank(most common)

non-Biodegradable disposal fee

  • $50 minimum

Digging fee

  • $50 per hour (hand shovel)

  • Call for price if backhoe is needed

Weekend work Fee

  • $25

  • One-time fee for work during the weekend

Tank Inspection Fee

  • $50

  • Fee to inspect tank and fill out inspection form

  • Usually lenders want this if you are selling the property

Credit card surcharge

  • If paying with credit card - 3.0%


Why is pricing based on county?

We are based in Harrison County. The price difference accounts for increased travel time.

What is a septic disposal fee?

For environmental and legal reasons, we use sewage treatment facilities to dispose of the contents of septic tanks.

Sewage treatment facilities require payment from us based on how many gallons of sewage we deliver.

What is a non-biodegradable disposal fee?

A non-biodegradable is any item that was flushed down the toilet that was not human waste or toilet paper. The most common items are baby wipes, feminine care products, and used cigarettes.

Sewage treatment facilities do not accept any non-biodegradable items into their system, because non-biodegradable items can never become environmentally-safe water.

That means we must separate all non-biodegradable items from our truck's tank before the treatment facility will accept our delivery. The separation process is labor intensive, and is performed manually.

Can I save money by digging?

Probably! If your septic tank lid is covered by grass and dirt, you can save money by uncovering the lid. Just remove the top layer of grass and dirt to reveal the tank lid.

No need to open the lid.

Can you repair my broken septic tank?

We can replace a broken lid. Call for pricing.

We do not do any other kind of septic tank repair. We do not install new septic tanks.