Pro-PumpHC is a bacteria-based septic tank cleaning and maintenance product. We recommend using 1 quart, twice per year to maintain the health of your septic tank system and to extend the time between Septic Truck visits to your home.

Please note, things like cleaning products and detergent from gray water can kill the bacteria in this product. If your gray water(from washing machine, dishwasher etc…) goes into your septic tank, use the product more frequently than once per year.

To use, pour directly into the septic tank or clean out. You can also pour it down a toilet. Please be aware that this product smells bad.

From the manufacturer:

As a result of Ecological Laboratories industrial fermentation technology and commitment to high rate performance in ON-SITE wastewater systems, PRO-PUMP/HC has exceptional oxidation capability. On-site wastewater septic systems rely on microorganisms in the tank and soil breakdown and remove organic waste and complete the water purification process. This biological process is performed primarily by facultative anaerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Maintenance of these select microbes is critical to long-term system performance.

PRO-PUMP/HC is designed to meet these needs, containing microbes that exhibit a high level of facultative anaerobic and anaerobic activity assuring continued system performance.

PRO-PUMP/HC is a concentrated liquid culture consortium made of 12 select vegetative microorganisms with a specification of 400/500 million microorganisms per/ml. This highly active bio-formulation differs from all other commercial bio-formulation in design, performance and long-term shelf life. Its outstanding novel proprietary fermentation process that results in oxidation capabilities is simply not available in competitive bio-products.

PRO-PUMP/HC has a production process that mirrors the environmental conditions which exist in on-site wastewater biological processes - THAT'S WHY IT WORKS SO WELL.


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